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                CompanyEstablished in 2000, Hongyu Group has become one of the leading suppliers for LED lights in China. Our main products include SMD flexible LED strip, LED rope light, LED meteor light, LED spotlight, LED downlight,, LED floodlight light, LED ground light, LED underwater light, LED bulb, LED tube and so on. By excellent strength in product quality and brand identification, HONGYU has been the main supplier for 2008 Beijing Olympic Game, 2010 Shanghai Expo and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Game. Our company covers 30, 000 square meters, and we have a staff of over 1, 000 employee. From the foundation, HONGYU takes technology innovation as the kernel competitive ability of the company’s development. We have paid special attention to the protection of intelligence property and applied a lot of patents. Meanwhile we have built the cooperation relationship with R&D departments in ...
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